Pregnancy, Small Kids, and Dragon*Con- 7 Tips for Surviving the Weekend

With Dragon*Con coming up fast, I thought it would be useful to write a blog on tips for surviving a Con when pregnant or with small children. Cons themselves can be outrageous enough but adding a womb raider or a tiny minion can make it…. A party. If you have any more tips than these, feel free to leave a comment!

1. Babywear- Some cons don’t even allow strollers while some only allow umbrella strollers. You should definitely check the rules before you arrive. Strollers take up a ton of room, roll over toes, and you won’t even be able to go into some areas. There are many, many choices for babywearing, though, and can easily be incorporated into a costume.


Dragon Con 2016 labor doula

2. Be prepared to leave at any moment- Like I said, cons are very busy and children can get overwhelmed. They will also be seeing a plethora of costumes which can be super fun or terrifying. There aren’t many places for a pregnant woman to sit down and rest, either, unless you like the floor.


3. “Con-Crud”- It’s so (omg!) a thing. What’s that, you ask? Oh, only every sickness anyone attending has mixed up in a big pot and spread through the population. This is another reason babywearing is super useful. Make sure you build up your immune system before the big day, drink lots of water, wash your hands often, and bring hand sanitizer. (Please, please don’t come if you’re sick!)


Dragon Con Birth Geek 2016

4. Costume choice- Think long and hard about who or what you want to be. Big fairy wings are going to be run into constantly and mommy brain or little kids might lose a piece if you have something removable. Even if you don’t dress up, make sure you have very comfy shoes and cool clothing.


5. Hotel Room- Get one if you can. This will be your oasis for you and your child. Also, make sure you ask for one up high if it’s one of the hotels for the main Con so you don’t have to hear the crowds. Alternatively, check around with friends to see if you can share.


Dragon Con 2016 geek postpartum

6. Bring snacks- Food can be hard to get to, often have long lines, and frankly- it’s expensive. Pregnancy-induced nausea will suddenly return or your child will suddenly be STARVING in the hours long panel line. It never fails.


7. Have a freaking blast- Cons are SO much fun! Go to panels, listen to speakers, play in the gaming room. It’s an experience like no other and you only get to live this con once!


Now, what’s my favorite holiday? Oh yeah! It’s totally Dragon*Con!

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