To Those I've Judged


Before I had kids of my own, I judged you. When I was a new mom, I judged you. Sometimes when I was feeling less than, I judged you.

I'm sorry.


Who was I to decide how or when you should experience those things in your life? Who was I to give you all that unsolicited advice when you're a grown adult who makes your own damn decisions? I am going to apologize to you now. I respect those tough decisions you made. Whether it was how you birthed, how or what you fed your child, what car seat you use for your child, or just simply feeding your child McDonald's for dinner.

I've made some hard decisions now and I know didn't make mine lightly. Why did I ever think you did?


The "Mommy Wars" - Oh, how I despise them. The parenting guilt is so real. It seems like no matter what decisions we make these days SOMEONE is going to judge us.

Want to breastfeed? You'll be latched to that child all the time!
Want to formula feed? Breastmilk is far superior!

Want to baby wear? They'll never learn to walk!
Want to use a playpen? How lazy you must be.

Thinking of having just one child? They will be such a spoiled brat.
Thinking of having 3+ kids? How will you ever have enough time to take care of them all?

Push it away, this is your experience, this is your decision to make, this is YOUR life. I want to know one thing overall- You're a badass and you're rocking this parenting thing.


All of the team at The Birth Geek, from labor doulas, to postpartum doulas, to our photographer are proud to support your family without judgment. We're just here to help you through and help you document your life as you Choose Your Own Adventure.