How Do I Know What Baby Gear To Buy?

Pregnant with my second child, it had been almost 7 years since I'd found myself planning for a baby.

I felt like I had completely started over.

I may be a childbirth educator and a doula, but practical things I wanted for the baby seemed to be blowing my mind. I knew how I would like to feed and diaper my child but how would I know what gear to buy?

baby gear tests

So I headed to the trusty internet!

After searching for a bit, I came across Baby Gear Lab. What I found there was a magical unicorn! They helped me answer all my questions.

Now, I am almost ready for baby to arrive thanks to them. This is an awesome resource that I plan to keep on hand for all labor and postpartum clients. Might even encourage me to write some reviews about the items I chose vs what Baby Gear Lab had to say!

If you check out, you won't be disappointed!