<Postpartum Support>

Picture this:

You’re home with your new baby and everything is perfect. The sun shines in through perfect windows (ok, they need a scrub, but whatever). The weather is exactly the temperature and humidity level you like. You are completely in love with this tiny bundle of joy! 

Cue that cliche record­-skipping noise, because life keeps happening even when you’re 100% devoted to embracing motherhood. The postpartum period can be chaotic and overwhelming, whether this is your first baby or you already have a full house! 

  • "How in the world do I get over my worries of bathing my baby?"
  • "I just feel sad. Aren't I supposed to be happy? I'm not even sure I'm doing this right. How do I do this?"
  • "After reading 500,000 books, I still am not sure how to start with a routine. When do *I* get to eat? Sleep? Pee?"
  • "My partner and I just need someone to answer all our questions. Who can we turn to that isn't going to judge our choices?"

An army of bluebirds and baby deer may not arrive to help you sweep the kitchen or three fairies appear to help you understand what these new feelings you have are, but you are never alone. Postpartum support from The Birth Geek helps to make the transition an easier one. Think of us as your cheat codes for the fourth trimester. Starting with a shower.

You’re welcome!