Belly Binding

Belly binding has been a long time tradition in many cultures such as those in Japan, Mexico, India, and Malaysia. Along with binding, women are coated with pastes and oils and only served a special diet after birth.

In addition to being a long time tradition, it has even been studied by scientists and published in the International Journal of Medical, Health, Biomedical, Bioengineering and Pharmaceutical Engineering. The findings were that women experienced stronger muscles, less pain, and faster healing than women who did not bind themselves.

But why bind this way when they have binders at Target?

This is your body and your postpartum- Let us wrap you in one made just for you. It's your size, fit to you exactly, and helps you in exactly all the places you need. More than a commercial belly binder, our wraps support you from your ribs all the way down to your hips. It's not just about the item, it's also about the experience.

We will come and spend time with you at your home wrapping and then up wrapping you so that you and your companions can learn to do it for the weeks to come. 

atlanta doula belly binding

We are happy to wrap you as early as 24 hours after a vaginal birth and no sooner than 2 weeks after a cesarean birth, usually 6 weeks is preferred to allow time for the incision to heal.