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 Be safe when riding with your kids in the car.

Making sure your car seat is installed correctly can be as nerve­-wracking as strapping up your noble steed with battle armor. It’s your ride vs. the world out there!

Car seat education classes, taught only by a certified CPST, are designed to leave you with:

  • no question unanswered about how to install and use your car seats
  • local laws and regulations
  • the latest safety data from NHTSA and Safe Kids Worldwide

The Car Seat Education class is perfect to take before baby comes so you have one less thing to worry about when you’re in labor. (Did I leave the oven on? Is the car seat installed properly? Where did we park the horse?!)

After the baby is born, we can still help to make sure baby is as safe as possible. While we’re at it, we can even help with the car seats and boosters of your older children. Unfortunately, we cannot stop them from looking out each other’s window. (Need that battle armor?)

Note: The Birth Geek does not recommend installing a car seat on a horse.