Client Testimonials


Jessica D.

Elizabeth has many excellent qualities it is hard to decide what to write about specifically that an expecting family would want to hear about. I know it is hard to select someone you do not know to be present and supportive during your birth, but fear not- Elizabeth was never a stranger.

Immediately upon meeting her she was calming, supportive and knowledgeable. Throughout the birth process she continually brought gentle affirmations, sensations and information to me so that I could continue to create the birth I wanted despite my "interventional birth" due to preeclampsia.

She is able to think on her feet, outside the box and work with the medical team in a graceful manner. She guided my first latch and continues to be available for breastfeeding support/resources.

At our postpartum visit she presented us our birth timeline- It was a special gift to know the timeline and hear her stories and perspective on watching my family meet our baby. Elizabeth went above and beyond my expectations to meet my needs and I strongly feel that my experience would have not been as positive had she not been present.


Lauren R.

After working closely with a different Doula, circumstances presented itself that we would need to have a back-up Doula in case our first doula had a conflict. As luck would have it, I went into labor the one day our first doula had a commitment. So, we got Elizabeth!

She was amazing! She arrived at the hospital and quickly got up to speed with what I needed. She did a great job at coaching my husband throughout the process and helping him help me. She was encouraging the entire time and knew exactly what to do and what to say! She helped me carry out my birth "preference" of having a natural birth.

After our son arrived, she was helpful in coaching me on how to first breastfeed. She also was great at reminding my husband and I what we wanted in the experience. I can't say thank you enough! I absolutley loved the labor and delivery experience and I attribute that to the support Elizabeth provided! Thank you!


Stephanie F.

Elizabeth is the best! She stayed by my side the whole time during labor, a total of 54 hours! She became my best friend in labor! She kept my husband grounded and kept peace all around me. She really puts her heart and soul into what she is doing. We started out at my home because I going to do a home birth and she comforted me when we had to make the transition to the hospital which was very hard for me to do. Even after labor she stayed with me until I started to breastfeed. She is the best and highly recommended!