Jacob Englesman Postpartum Doula Atlanta

Jacob Engelsman

Jacob was born in New Jersey but has lived all over, including Kentucky, North Carolina, California, Iowa, and Georgia. Currently, he lives in Midtown with his partner of 10 years, Liz. Together, they decided not to have any children and just be the best uncle and aunt ever! 

In December 2016, Jacob decided to take training to become a postpartum and infant care doula. In March 2017, he took training to become a labor doula. He is most interested in working with Queer, Trans, and polyamorous, and adoptive families- though not exclusively. He feels that his 16 year background as a chef and working in the food industry can be a real asset to the families he serves. 

As far as geekiness, Jacob has a great love of Star Trek and tabletop games, both playing and designing.