The Birth Geek Team

 The Birth geek is a team of doulas and educators serving the metro area.

Elizabeth Stubbs doula atlanta

Elizabeth is the owner of The Birth Geek. She is also a labor and postpartum doula, placenta encapsulator, childbirth educator, and a CPST.

Rob Cotta Atlanta Childbirth Education

Rob teaches childbirth education here are the Birth Geek, all with a great spin from a dad's perspective.

Tiffany Hyatt doula atlanta

Tiffany is one of our postpartum and infant care doulas. She is excited to help you make your best start.

Jacob is a postpartum and infant care doula. With his background with food and his love for education, he'd be a great asset to your family.

Tiffany Hanson doula atlanta

Tiffany is one of the wonderful doulas on our team. She is a mother herself and a trained labor doula.

Brittany Knapik doula Atlanta

Brittany is the fantastic birth photographer for our team. She's looking forward to helping other families make wonderful keepsakes from their adventure.