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Atlanta photography birth

Photography is a key component in our lives. "A photograph is worth a thousand words" is a quote we are all very familiar with. Our experienced birth photographer has made it her passion to capture every earth shattering, exciting tear inducing, breath-taking moment in your life. She has a love for love itself and says she "feels changed with every release of the shutter".


From maternity photography to birth photography to newborn and new family photos, we have many packages available to customize for you.


Birth Photography

"She has his eyes!"

"He has my mother's nose!"

"You and your husband looked like one as you went through this labor together."


Family Photography

"Lifestyle photography"- noun\ life-style pho-tog-ra-phy \ˈlīf-ˈstī(-ə)l, -ˌstī(-ə)l fə-ˈtä-grə-fē\  

a type of photography which aims to capture families in their own real-life events or milestones. The primary goal is to tell stories about people's life or to inspire people in different times. It is the art of everyday.