<Placenta Encapsulation>

Need a health boost or potion? Placenta encapsulation can help boost your energy and milk supply, reduce postpartum depression, and help restore equilibrium to your hormones after birth. While we don’t recommend waiting until the middle of a boss fight to grab this magic potion, we are happy to assist you in making sure you have it on hand when you need it. We encapsulate in your home to make sure there is no cross contamination and you only have your own dog’s fur around.

We meet all OSHA standards and have received Blood-borne Pathogen training. Having the highest standard are top priority.

The growth capacity of infants subsisting upon the milk produced during the administration of desiccated placenta is also increased. This is shown in Table III. That is to say, the maternal ingestion of dried placenta tissue so stimulates the tissues of the infants feeding upon the milk produced during this time, from day to day, than the unit weight of infants feeding on milk from mothers not ingesting this substance.
— Hammett, Frederick. S. 1918. The Journal of Biological Chemistry, 36.