Being a Parent can be... tough.

Sometimes having kids can make you laugh, sometimes they make you cry... and sometimes you laugh to keep from crying. What else can you do? Find stories here on becoming and being pregnant, postpartum, being a parent, and beyond. Let's be honest, we all want to know what it's really like.


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The Last Jedi- Lottie's Birth Story

An unexpected, yet empowering end to a super tough pregnancy. An induction can be just what you need sometimes to really feel in control- and that's ok. Read the story of The Birth Geek's own second child's birth here...



This hashtag is an initiative to show a real face on the postpartum period through social media. On this blog and our social media accounts, along with our other stories on parenting, we will be featuring parents just like you. All kinds of parents- mothers, fathers, papas, mamas- whatever you like to be called, will have their stories shared.